Fly Light / Nature Trip

opener, flufflying with only little hand luggage and anyhow camping?

possible by us!




We can offer you everything what’s needed to camp,

if desired you can enjoy your meals at us,

we arrange airport-pick up,

have mountain-bikes at your disposal,

a 4×4 Pick-Up to rent,


even your towels we can provide!


So Fligh Light is not so much a ready-made formula, as well as a selection from our offer,
especially made to make it possible to travel by plane and camp anyway.
Up to you to combine.
See more of our offer at ‘campsite’  ‘at us’  ‘food&sleep’


 our Nature Trips however, are a ready-made formula,

City trips are great, but ever considered a Nature trip?
/More relax for sure, and less expense…








…and in our fully furnished safari-tent a small dream come true


A quick outline,

you fly to Gdansk and at the airport you got picked up and brought to us,

within 2 hours from your air-plain seat into your lounger on your porch with a cool drink 🙂

If you wish, we even fill up your fridge for the whole WE so you don’t have to do any shopping!

You cook in your fully equipped kitchenette, do a BBQ, or order your meals at us.

Relax or relax?


Expensive you think? You will be nicely surprised!
see ‘prices’
any questions? contact