Hiking Trips

forgotten landscapes…




We walk every day about 4 till 6 hours, tuning de tour on the weather. met rugzak
The hikes guides us true broadleaf- and pine trees,
vast fields, lascivious meadows, an arable land, a rare village.
The landscape stretches far and gently sloping as far as we look, filled with the cheerful whistle from the summery skylark, the endless cuckoo-call, the clattering of the stork’s beak, the drumming of a woodpecker.


landschap nevel

We see herons, common cranes, falcons, eagles, deer and foxes, maybe a boar, the work of beavers.
We are  surrounded by the scents of wheat fields, cornflowers, meadow grass, humus, pine needles or from a cup of coffee, because hey, it’s already time for a well-deserved break,
someone fancy a cookie?



Your stay on our domain.

You sleep in the guesthouse which has 3 rooms, one with 2, one with 3 and one with 4 beds.
Each room has its own WC.
There is a bathroom with sink, shower and bath.
The outside sanitary building with its toilets and luxurious showers is as well day and night at your disposal.
If you like more to camp, that is also a possibility.

In the morning you’re enjoying a delicious breakfast, and get the opportunity to pack your later lunch.
Our suppers take place in the summer kitchen or again in the open air, whatever we feel like at the moment.The sanitary building with its toilets and luxurious showers is day and night at your disposal.


camping tents 1sanitair ochtendvuur

Please take a look under ‘At Us‘  and ‘food & sleep‘ to form you an idea of how it looks at us, our ambience.



19 June – 26 June

26 June – 03 July

31 Jul – 7 Aug

14 Aug – 21 Aug

28 Aug – 04 Sep

04 Sep – 11 Sep


Your trip takes place as from 6 participants
/for groups from 6P the data are adaptable!




Our trips are planned from Sunday to Sunday.

We use the Wizzair flights from Eindhoven to Gdansk as a starting point.

They are cheap and the distance Gdansk / Bukowiec is very doable.

Proposing this airline gives us the possibility to come and pick you up at the airport, one flight, no

delay, its stands to reason that one can choose the airline he prefers, and with a little luck the

flight might land around the same time.

If you choose to travel differently you will receive all the info needed to reach us.



Interested? Please do not hesitate to contact us so we can answer all your further questions.

For prices see prices