At Us


If you`ve chosen for a short stay,

or you’re participating in a workshop,
our spot invites you to do whatever you like…


You can relax with us, go for a bikeride or a swim,
or strap on your boots and go for a nice long walk.
There’s more than enough space,
and even more beautiful nature,
if you like smooth hills and fields and forests of course.



What will you discover at our place?


around us, swimOur house, and the old stables that have been converted to a summer-kitchen,
an outdoor seating area around an open fire.
There’s an old barn as well, renovated to accommodate the workshops with
a large open floored terrace.
A camping spot, with sanitary facilities including hot showers, toilets,
sinks and wash-basins.
There are ponds nearby and yes, you can swim in them!
There is ample room for sitting lying and hanging,
you can choose any spot depending on the sun and shade.

We have a land-climate, which provides us with warm, dry summers.



You’re in for some action?
/You can go on walks and bike rides that will send you off in to the nature in no time! (take quick peek at hiking trips, for example)


polen vakantie 687Or you prefer to go on a trip?

To Lidzbark for example.
A picturesque town only 30 minutes away.
With its castle, small shops and 2 spa’s it is a must see!
Or to Górowo, as a taste of ‘coulure locale’? A small town a 20 minute bike ride away, handy for any small personal shopping.
You can visit the store in our small village as well, but you have to keep in mind that the choices over there are quite limited 🙂



If you chose to continue your discovery of Poland
/we will gladly provide you with some tips and tricks to set you on your way!