Painting from the Heart

‘Painting from the Heart’ is a workshop that had been organized by us.
We like to show it here, as a guide-line for what may come next.
On your demand, and if you are a group of 8 persons, we can organize this workshop again, or if you have a specific wish, a totally different workshop!
Please take contact and let’s see what we can do for eachother.

‘Painting from the Heart’
Workshop painting with Vedic Art
by Ine Van Wesel

ine en schilderij ok
What is vedic art?

Vedic Art is a painting method developed by the Swedish artist Curt Källman. Maharishi Mahesh Yoga, an Indian guru asked him to integrate  the Vedic philosophy in a painting method. That‘s how Vedic Art came to life.
The method has 17 principles that brings you in contact with all the knowledge you need to paint.  As the Vedas say; “All knowledge is already seeded in everyone. The only thing you do is awaken these parts.” In that way you don’t learn something new, you only open up and remember.
The first principle starts the process and step by step you go into a deeper level. From the basic painting techniques you come to find your own rhythm and your unique way to express.  And as you paint, you will remember you are the creator and part of the creation at the same time. It‘s like a compass bringing you home.

For you?

Vedic Art is suitable for everyone who feels attracted to work with colour. This method is perfect for people who don’t have painting experience. For experienced artists it can be a renewed introduction with their own creativity. Children just love it, for them it‘s very natural to work this way.
wat will you been doing?
In the basic course the teacher guides you through the principles. The process is very personal and will do his own work. It goes beyond the mind. There is no need to analyse or even understand it. The only thing you need to do is to paint and let go the need for a result.
Every course day we will go through one or two principles. After a short teaching you’ll get a painting exercise so you can experience and integrate the knowledge. The teacher will be there for personal guidance if  needed. In the end of the course the principles are in your system and you will be free to create.

Ine’s brief biography

Ine van Wesel, born in Holland in 1965, is a painting artist educated  in the Royal Academy of Fine Arts in Antwerp, Belgium.
portretje ine okShe did an intensive spiritual training, according to the Buddhist tradition at the “ School voor  Zijnsoriëntatie ”  in Holland from 2005 until 2010.
In 2009 she decided to stop working as a teacher and dedicate her life completely to art.
During that period she started painting according to the Vedic Art tradition. In Vedic Art she found  the spiritual and artistic ways connected.
Her painting style completely changed. The paintings come from within. As she says herself: “I don t make them, they show themselves to me, the only thing I do is take them out”.
Ine has been teaching Vedic Art in Belgium, the Netherlands, Sweden and India.

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