The World in Watercolours

The World in Watercolours is a workshop that had been organized by us.
We like to show it here, as a guide-line for what may come next,
Or on your demand, and if you are a group of 8 persons, we can organize this workshop again, or if you have a wish, a totally different one!
Please take contact and let’s see what we can do for eachother.

world in watercolours

painter/docent: Grzegorz Chudy


what is watercolor about?
It’s brilliant way to spend your free time. It’s a cheap and not complicate painting technique, that can give you millions of possibilities to express yourself.
for you?
For everyone who wants to calm down, cut off from reality and bring new experiences and original souvenirs back home from Poland.
This workshop is aimed at both beginners and advanced because Grzegorz Chudy has, despite the groups activity, plenty of space to accompany you personally.
Classes are taught in English (with lots of space for any additional help with the translation into Dutch).

what will you do?
We paint still life and landscape, learn about colours and painting techniques,
master watercolor tips and tricks,
make a lot of fun,
as well as enjoy the tranquillity painting with watercolor naturally entails,
talk about art,
talk about Poland and Polish culture,
laughter about the Polish language,
and who knows I might learn you some Polish words?


some of Grzegorz’s work:



Grzegorz’s brief biography:Grzegorz
Grzegorz Chudy was born in Katowice (Silesia, Poland).
He is painter, member of the music band ‘Beltaine’ that brings Celtic music (where he plays flute, accordion and bombard) and is teacher of Polish literature and Silesian language.
His favourite technique is watercolor.
He paints everything with a specific preference for the Silesian landscape. Grzegorz Chudy illustrated many books, drew for the press and designed several CD covers.

More about him can be found at:
or facebook

any questions or proposals, please: contact us